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Ep3 BioEnergetic - Electrician for the Body with Muscle Tuners International Inc Denise Cambiotti

Episode Summary

Muscle Testing aka Energy Testing OR as Denise describes it: "Like being an Electrician for the Body."

Episode Notes

Denise Cambiotti left her job as an administrative assistant to start her own business: Muscle Tuners International Inc! Denise learned about muscle testing and how much it can truly help, from a chiropractor. Denise had been taking pain meds for her chronic headaches and neck pain. After learning that there were healthier ways to manage her pain, Denise not only wanted to learn about muscle testing, but her business is all about training others to tune their muscles!

In this episode:

-Using your body pendulum to make the choices your body needs

-Question clarity and the unconscious mind

-Muscle Tuners: and electrician for the body

“When a muscle is happy, the related organ is happy.” - Denise Cambiotti

“Our health is our cornerstone.” Lana Kirtley